Cindy Donnell

Expected To Replace Everything?

If I use an interior designer, will I be asked to throw out all of my old furnishings and replace everything with new ones?


An interior designer will not ask you to throw out all of your existing furnishings and replace everything with new ones unless that is what you would like to do.  Most interior designers understand that there are sentimental attachments to your possessions.  They also understand that a budget may not allow for an entirely new suite of furnishings.


replace everything


An interior designer will listen to your needs and understand your end goal. They will incorporate existing pieces while adding newer modern designs.  Most designers will not expect you to throw out all of your furnishings and replace everything with a fresh start.  Sometimes a room can have a different feel with a change of paint color.  Also, adding a few new pillows and accessories to an existing piece can give the room an updated look.


replace everything




Using existing furniture in other rooms of the home is another option. There are times when an existing piece may be painted for use in another room.  A sentimental piece that may no longer work in the den, may be changed to work well in a bedroom or study. A designer will be able to look at the larger picture to help you determine your furnishing needs.


Create More Space By Removing Walls

Try removing walls to create an open feeling for your home.

Does your room feel small and cramped? Consider removing walls to open up your home.  Many older homes have smaller rooms creating a dark, boxed in feeling.  By removing a wall you are able to create more usable space.

Do you ever notice how everyone gathers in the kitchen during a party? One of the most common walls to remove is in the kitchen wall.  Taking down a kitchen wall transforms a small kitchen into a beautiful modern space.


Take a look at the home below. The kitchen and dining room shared a wall.


 Before removing a wall



 Before removing a wall



















By taking down the shared dining room and kitchen wall, the kitchen now opens up to the dining room.  The home has an airy quality and larger, updated feeling. The new design increases the light in both rooms.  The layout also helps with traffic flow.



 After removing a wall






The end result is a great design and great functionality.


Does Your Fireplace Need A Facelift?

Give your fireplace a face lift by resurfacing it.


Refacing an older fireplace can give any room a new look. The KMH Design Team is ready to start your remodel. Transform your old brick fireplace into a true focal point of the room. There are many materials used to resurface.  Today materials such as stone, tile or even just a coat of paint may be used to change the look.



 Before Fireplace Facelift


 After Fireplace Facelift















Older brick fireplaces often look as though they are on their last leg. They are often stained and chipped.  By refacing with another material you are able to update the entire room. Create a new look by designing a warm, soothing stone centerpiece of the room.


After Fireplace facelift

After fireplace facelift










Contact the KMH Design Team to start your facelift today.

Media Rooms

Let KMH Home Designs create a media room for you. 


Everyone loves to watch a good movie in comfort.  Our design team can take your home and create a movie watching experience that your family and friends will love. The room will be something you are proud to show off.

415 - SM



Regardless of your budget, KMH Home Designs will make your media room something to talk about.  It will not only improve the enjoyment of your home but it will add to your homes value.  The media room will allow you to entertain in style.




Call KMH Home Designs to make your media room dreams come true.




Give Your Bathroom A Fresh New Look



Tired of your old, dated bathroom? 

Let KMH Home Designs give your bathroom a fresh new look.  Our team will transform your outdated bathroom into a fresh new sanctuary.



















A bathroom is a space most of us visit daily.  We start our day and end our day in that room.  Whether you want an inexpensive sprucing up of your bathroom or a total renovation, KMH Home Designs is your solution.

h1769 h1743












Our KMH Design team can change the look of your bathroom into a room that you will love. We can add modern colors to your bathroom inspired by nature. We can update fixtures, tile, lighting and paint. The KMH team can start from studs and redesign an entirely new updated bathroom.  Depending on your budget, the KMH Design team has a solution for you.





Electric Fireplace Adds Charm


Cozy up any room with an electric fireplace.  

You may add style to any space by incorporating an electric fireplace. In the example below, we took a plain wall mounted television and added a custom contemporary electric fireplace below to showcase the TV.













The electric fireplace is simple and functional.  It brings a special charm to the room by adding light, color and warmth.








When the fireplace is not in use, the custom cabinet provides storage for media components.  Insert your personality in to your home with a custom contemporary electric fireplace.





Inlays and Borders Add a Wow Factor


Do you want to add that “Wow” factor to a special room in your home? Consider installing a custom inlay or border.  Hardwood floors can give your home that warm feeling.  Adding an inlay or border can give that personal touch to any room.

photo 4





A border in the dining room or a medallion in the entry gives that custom look to any room.  

249 - SM


Hardwood floors are not the only material used for this effect.  The same can be accomplished with tile flooring.  No matter the material, a custom inlay or border can make any room pop. 

Update Your Home With Lighting


At one time or another, many of us have looked around our homes and realized we needed an update.  One fast and easy way to update your home is with lighting.  Just by changing your lighting fixtures, you can drastically change the feel of a room.








There are several types of lighting such as track lighting, can lighting, pendants, accent lamps, ceiling lights, the list goes on.  Look at each room to determine your lighting needs.  Pick a style suited for you and the look you are trying to achieve.  

466 - SM407 - SM











A simple change of lighting fixtures can create a new atmosphere and update your home. 


Why Hire An Interior Designer


Many homeowners ask themselves “why should I hire an interior designer?”  They wonder if they should decorate themselves.  Some homeowners may have a clear vision, but the KMH Design Team helps bring it to life.


KMH Designers have the ability to envision a full picture.  Our attention to detail creates a space that looks polished and pulled together.  Our understanding of spacial layouts as well as design expertise is priceless.


There are several reasons to hire an interior designer. The first is to showcase your home to look its best.  Your home is your haven and should be a very happy and pleasant place for you to entertain and relax.  You may have sentimental pieces that you don’t want to part with, but they may not look the best in certain areas of your home.  An interior designer offers objective design expertise.  Certain styles may not be well suited for a particular room. Interior designers may move an heirloom to another part of your home that you never imagined placing it to fit your space.



Interior designers save you a great deal of time and money.  Designers know where to go for everything related to your home.  They work with a wide variety of resources and contracts in the industry.  This will save you time and headaches trying to identify reliable contractors on your own.


Another reason to hire an interior designer is to keep you on a budget.  KMH Designers have access to wholesale prices and resources that may not be available to you as a homeowner.  From flooring to countertops and everything in between, we walk you through selecting the right materials for your home.  Homeowners with no design experience often select the wrong materials making a costly mistake.  


An interior designer can give your home that “wow” factor.  The KMH Design Team offers our clients a design plan.  Our attention to detail creates a space that looks polished and pulled together when finished.  We are passionate about improving our clients’ lives through style, comfort and design plans unique to the individual.  The value KMH Designers offer is priceless.  




KMH Attends Interior Design Camp


The KMH Home Design Team attended Interior Design Camp January 10-11 at AmericasMart in Atlanta.  The camp was an aing time to network with other designers as well as walk away with skills, knowledge and resources to improve our business and help our clients.  The camp was held during the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market.






The Camp provided our team with an opportunity to tour showrooms and view samples of the leading companies in the home industry.  We were able to view the spring lines of many companies and get a preview of the merchandise coming to the market in the next few months.  The selection was amazing and we are looking forward to sharing many of the pieces we saw with our clients.  


We also enjoyed presentations from some of the most respected professionals in the interior design industry.  Speakers included Lori Dennis, Kelli Ellis, Adam Japko, Peter Zakas and Suzanne Kasler. It was an awesome opportunity to hear insights and secrets from industry professionals.


Interior Design Camp was a great experience. The KMH Team is excited about taking our knowledge and expertise and partnering with our clients in 2015.