Barn Doors



A very popular way to save on space and make a statement in your home is to use an interior sliding barn doors.  Made of old materials commonly thrown away, these doors give a traditional yet modern impression at the same time.  Barn doors are easy to install and save room while not tucked away like pocket doors.  They are hung on a track.    The type of track and unique hardware options vary depending on your style.






Barn doors have the ability to create or hide space in tricky areas. They save floor space giving you an extra 32 inches on the floor.  Both sides of the door become an art piece. 







They lend rustic charm in any room. Antique wood and hardware can look great without matching anything else in your home.  The doors below are used in two areas of the home.  The first set of doors is outside of a game room and divides an office area to create privacy. The second photo is taken of a door used in the master bedroom outside of the master bath.




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