Expected To Replace Everything?

If I use an interior designer, will I be asked to throw out all of my old furnishings and replace everything with new ones?


An interior designer will not ask you to throw out all of your existing furnishings and replace everything with new ones unless that is what you would like to do.  Most interior designers understand that there are sentimental attachments to your possessions.  They also understand that a budget may not allow for an entirely new suite of furnishings.


replace everything


An interior designer will listen to your needs and understand your end goal. They will incorporate existing pieces while adding newer modern designs.  Most designers will not expect you to throw out all of your furnishings and replace everything with a fresh start.  Sometimes a room can have a different feel with a change of paint color.  Also, adding a few new pillows and accessories to an existing piece can give the room an updated look.


replace everything




Using existing furniture in other rooms of the home is another option. There are times when an existing piece may be painted for use in another room.  A sentimental piece that may no longer work in the den, may be changed to work well in a bedroom or study. A designer will be able to look at the larger picture to help you determine your furnishing needs.